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SKU P821

SportsArt P821 Performance Mid Row

Pro Installation in Tampa Bay
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Special Order Unit

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Product Info

Our seated row machine targets your back muscles. Muscles include Teres Major (outer back), the Latissimus Dorsi (middle back), the Rhomboids, the Middle and Lower Trapezius (upper back), the Erector Spinae (lower back), the Pectoralis Major, the Lower Chest Muscles, the Posterior Deltoids (shoulder), the Infraspinatus (shoulder), the Teres Minor (shoulder) muscles.

  • Convenient seat height adjustment accommodates various heights
  • Chest pad adjust to suit different arm lengths
  • Marine grade double-stitched upholstery


        Unit Weight
        366.3 lbs / 166.5 kg

        Dimensions (L x W x H)
        58.1 x 46.3 x 57 in / 147.6 x 117.5 x 144.7 cm

        Weight Stack
        176 lb / 80 kg

        Max User Weight
        500 lbs / 227.3 kg

        Starting Weight
        9.9 lbs / 4.5 kg


        • Full Commercial - no usage limit
        • Frame – 7 Years
        • Weights & Guide Rods – 3 Years
        • Cables, Belts, Bearings & Parts – 2 Years
        • Grips, Enclosures & Covers – 1 Year
        • Upholstery – 6 Months
        • Labor – 1 Year