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Sustainability // Durability // Innovation // Rehabilitation

SportsArt provides some of the most innovative cardio and strength solutions for gym facilities around the world, from their full circuit of energy-producing cardio to advanced machines for state of the art medical and rehabilitation facilities.

Eco-Friendly Cardio

SportsArt's focus on green energy is never more evident than in their Eco-Natural and Eco-Powr cardio lineups that use either consume no energy or produce energy!

Complete Strength Circuits

Match your entire facility with SportsArt's gorgeous aesthetic while also maintaining your facility's brand with custom color options on the entire strength catalog.

Medical and Rehabilitation

Designed from the ground-up to assist the movements of all kinds of patients, SportsArt's Medical line offers a wide range of functions for medical, theraputic, and reabilitative applications.

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Founded in 1977, SportsArt has become an icon for their Eco-Powr lineup that generates electricity harnessed from the user, and converts it into usable power for your facility. Specializing in commercial equipment, SportsArt offers several lines of both efficient cardio and beautiful strength equipment for all different types fitness facilities. Check out this article by WFLA Channel 8 about Centrifuge, a Eco-Powr installation and spin studio in St. Pete Beach.