The World's Greatest Dumbbell

PowerBlocks are one-of-a-kind adjustable dumbbells, and we've carried them for a couple of decades. Condensing an entire rack of dumbbells down into a single, easily-adjustable, and extremely durable pair is a brilliant idea, and while there are many competitors out there these days, the original PowerBlock is still the best design. While other brands require a stand, or make it too easy to accidentally drop weight plates, the PowerBlocks design stands alone as a tested product. 

PowerBlocks are ideal for the home gym setup or personal training suite where you only need one pair at a time, saving you space and lots of money compared to a full rack of dumbbells. We try to keep these in-stock on our showroom floor as best we can, since people typically want to feel them before buying because "they look weird" and skeptics expect the design to interfere with their workout – in reality, they're just as versatile as a normal pair of dumbbells.