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Here’s a shocker: Florida is hot, and it rains a lot. So if you’re the type of person who expects to get their cardio workouts outdoors, there’s going to be a fair number of “I’ll work out tomorrow” days. And that’s exactly our reasoning for working out at home: take away the excuses. So we might all struggle with the same beachy lifestyle here in FL, but that doesn’t mean our cardio workouts should be the same, and, believe it or not, treadmills aren’t all the same. Some people are avid runners, and want sprinter-centric features on the treadmill they use at home. Some people only need a walking treadmill to stay active and keep up with the grandkids. Some people need a high weight capacity. Some need a long deck for a long stride. Some people waddle when they walk and need a wide belt-- you get the idea. There are options out there for everybody. So, when shopping for a treadmill (especially online!) try to speak with a physiology expert. Who knows, a treadmill might not even be the right form of cardio for you— but all it takes is a discussion to make sure.