Rowing machines are a great workout, with up to 86% muscle engagement, which is more than any other form of cardio. Check out the different styles, including air-magnetic, water, or electronic resistance below, and when you're ready, visit our showroom to try them out for yourself. 

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There’s actually a lot of different options when it comes to a rowing machine. There’s fluid or water rowers that use a water tank as the resistance method, like the Spirit CRW800H2O, along with air/magnetic rowers that use a fan and magnets to produce extra resistance like the Bodycraft VR200, and then there are electronic resistance motors, like what you’ll find in the Hydrow. The Hydrow and other similar rowers that incorporate a class- or immersive-style workout video to accompany the workout are increasing in popularity. These types of rowers are great for people who are often bored by traditional cardio. Services like Apple Fitness+ and Peloton can also be great to couple with a non-interactive rower as long as you have your own smart TV or tablet. Check out some different models here, then visit our store in Clearwater Florida, and all of our floor models are available to try any time to get a feel for the different types of rowers.