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Expand the possibilities with Bodycraft's ingenuitive multi-functional stremgth machines and award-winning EXP-Series Cardio


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The Art and Science of Movement – Bodycraft has become one of our top selling brands in several categories because they simply make great products that are extremely high quality and serve a lower price point than competitors of the same caliber. 

Rowers, Functional Trainers, and Spin Indoor Bikes are where Bodycraft shine in our eyes. Spin Bikes like the Peloton look flimsy compared with the quality of a Bodycraft, and for way less money. Pair that with Bodycraft's BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) strategy for immersive interaction, and you'll wind up with a substantially superior setup that transcends product categories, and with the freedom to choose whatever apps and experiences you want to use. Functional Trainers are another super strong point, as the build quality when compared with peers is outstanding.