Bandit Fitness supplies extremely high-quality steppers and stairclimbers that are built to last in any home or commercial gym. Try out everything and shop at our showroom in Clearwater, Florida. 

Shop Stairsteppers and Climbing Machines in Tampa Bay

Steppers and stair climber machines are an absolutely amazing way to get an intense cardio workout in a short period of time. For the people who favor this kind of thing, the classic Stairmaster is the key. The Spirit CSC900 is a modern take on the same principle, that’s commercially rated and meant to be beat up. For the home, a lot of people also enjoy the Spirit XS895, which is really both a stepper and an elliptical combined. The new Cascade Climber or CVC800 are updated takes on the Versaclimber, which are also really popular intense workouts. Many of these models are available to test out and sweat on in our showroom in Clearwater, FL