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Hoist CF-3755 Dual-Angle Smith Machine

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Color: American Beauty
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Product Info

Introducing the CF-3755 Dual Angle Smith – a game-changer in commercial gym equipment. This Smith machine redefines versatility during assembly, offering a choice between a traditional vertical orientation or a dynamic 7-degree angle. The CF-3755 features TPU rack-outs for enhanced durability and a quieter workout experience.

Assembly is simplified with the option to flip the columns, allowing for four distinct setups to cater to various training preferences. The safety stop mechanism is designed for effortless use – swivel it outward or inward, slide vertically to your desired position, and seamlessly swivel it back into place on top of the rack-out.

Experience innovation and customization in one with the CF-3755 Dual Angle Smith, setting a new standard in commercial gym equipment. Elevate your gym space with this powerhouse that combines flexibility, durability, and user-friendly safety features.

  • During the assembly process, the Dual Angle Smith can be configured either in a vertical orientation or with a 7-degree angle.
  • Easy one-handed adjustable safety stops
  • TPU covered rack-outs to protect frame and reduce noise.
  • During assembly, the columns of the CF-3755 can be flipped to position the rack-outs facing rearward, offering four setup options. This flexibility allows customers to choose their preferred orientation for bar engagement/disengagement with the rack-outs.
  • The safety stop mechanism has been streamlined for enhanced simplicity. Users can swivel it outward or inward, slide it vertically to the desired position, and then swivel it back into place on top of the rack-out.
  • Max Weight Storage: 1350 lbs (612 kg)
  • Max Exercise weight: 540 lbs (245kg)
  • Olympic Bar Weight: 25 lbs (11kg)


    • Product Width: 88.00" (223 cm)
    • Product Height: 89.00" (226 cm)
    • Product Length: 52.00" (132 cm)
    • Machine Weight: 610 lbs. (277 kg)


    Full Commercial Warranty:

    • Body/Frame: 10 Years
    • Structural Moving Parts: 5 Years
    • Bearings, Bushings, Pulleys: 3 Years
    • Finish/Paint, Cables,
    • Upholstery and Accessories: 1 Year
    • Applies to defects from manufacturer only.

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