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Body-Solid Tools Tire Tread Slam Ball

Not On Display to test in Clearwater, Florida
  • Note about Availability
    Due to high demand and industry supply constraints, please contact us directly for the most accurate availability information and delivery times.

Body-Solid Tools Tire Tread Slam Balls will help you build strength, cardio endurance and explosive power. Body-Solid Tools Tire Tread Slam Balls feature a textured, grooved surface to provide unmatched and easy gripping ensure a solid handle on the ball throughout your workouts. The tire-tread textured surface allows for a stable and consistent grip even when wet.

Body-Solid Tools Tire Tread Slam Balls are engineered to survive even the toughest of workouts thanks to a thick and durable rubber shell designed to absorb impact on bounces, slams and tosses.

The no-bounce design on the Body-Solid Tire Tread Slam Balls are ideal for various throwing and slamming routines helping you build total body conditioning. Use for slams, wood chops, overhead throws and more.

Available in three sizes: 10 lbs., 15 lbs. and 20 lbs.

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