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Product Spotlight: PowerBlocks, The Original Adjustable Dumbbells (Video)

Product Spotlight: PowerBlocks, The Original Adjustable Dumbbells (Video)

If you're building a home gym, one of the most essential pieces of equipment you'll need are dumbbells. And if you're looking for a compact, space-saving option that can provide a wide range of weights, then Power Blocks might just be what you're looking for.

In this blog post, we'll be talking about the different options that Power Block offers, from the non-expandable to the expandable versions, and how they can benefit your home gym setup.

Non-Expandable PowerBlocks

The non-expandable PowerBlocks are the original design that's been around for nearly 30 years, and they come in two options: the Sport 24 and the Sport 50.

The Sport 24 has a weight range of 3 to 24 pounds in 3-pound increments, while the Sport 50 ranges from 10 to 50 pounds in 5-pound increments. Both options have a similar design that Power Block has used across all their different models. To adjust the weight, you have an internal handle that weighs about 10 pounds (3lbs on the Sport 24), and you have selector pins that you slide in at the appropriate weight. The pins have magnets, which hold them in place.

On the side of most models, there is a key that lets you know the weight you're at, or on other models, there is a color coordination system. Overall, the adjustment system is simple and easy to use.

Expandable PowerBlocks

If you're looking for more flexibility in your dumbbell set, then the expandable PowerBlocks might be the way to go. The expandable options start at a lower weight range of 5 to 50 pounds, but you have the option of upgrading down the line to 70 or 90 pounds. What's more, these models come with a cool feature that allows for a smaller weight jump. Inside the handle of the EXP line, you have two slots that you can put adder-weights into. Each adder-weight weighs 2.5 pounds, giving you the flexibility of 2.5 or 5 pound jumps by adding either one or both.

The two expandable options available are the Sport and the Pro series. From an aesthetic standpoint, the Sport series has a powder-coated metal finish, while the Pro series has a urethane-coated metal finish. The adjustment mechanism and weight range are the same for both series, but the personal preference of which one to choose comes down to factors such as the look of the dumbbells, and the noise level when doing adjustments.

Which PowerBlock Option Should You Choose?

If you're not moving a lot of weight, or you want a smaller weight jump, the Sport 24 is an excellent option. Starting at 3 pounds, with a 3-pound jump between weights, this is ideal for beginners or those who want to start with lighter weights.

The Sport 50 is a great option if you want heavier weights than the Sport 24 but feel that 50 pounds is sufficient. This is a popular choice for most people, especially those who are not already pushing heavy weight.

The expandable options, on the other hand, are for those who want something heavier than what the non-expandable options have to offer. The Sport and Pro series offer the same weight range, but the option to upgrade in the future is an added bonus for those who want to build strength progressively.

In conclusion, Power Blocks are an excellent option for anyone looking for adjustable dumbbells for their home gym setup. They're compact, space-saving, and can provide a wide range of weights to cater

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