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Product Spotlight: BodyKore Universal Trainer (Video)

Product Spotlight: BodyKore Universal Trainer (Video)

In this video, Jake from Bandit Fitness Equipment introduces the Bodykore Universal Trainer, a versatile machine that combines a functional trainer, a Smith machine, and a half rack. The functional trainer features dual 220-pound weight stacks with 15 adjustment points, making it easy to switch between exercises. The pulley system uses three rollers for smooth operation, while the pull-up bar offers different grip options. The Smith machine is counterbalanced and uses bearings for a smooth movement. Notches on the bar accommodate different hand positions. The half rack allows you to use a free weight barbell and comes with coated J cups and safeties. The machine also includes seven attachments, including a lat seat and a leg press attachment, providing additional exercise options. Bodykore designed the machine to be a complete package, with all attachments included in the price, making it a great option for those looking to maximize their home gym's functionality.

Check out the machine here, and make sure you visit our showroom in Clearwater Florida to try it first-hand!

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