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Bandit Fitness goes to IHRSA 2023! (Video)

Bandit Fitness goes to IHRSA 2023! (Video)

Max and Jake recently visited the IHRSA Fitness Expo in San Diego, the largest event of its kind in the US, showcasing the latest fitness equipment and trends from companies worldwide. The expo provided a great opportunity for companies to display their new equipment prototypes and innovative designs.

Hoist Fitness Prototypes

We got to visit Hoist, where we saw several new prototypes, including a new hip thrust machine and the HD-4000 simple trainer. The dual-stack rotating arm functional with a unique design made it very easy to coordinate all the movements with feedback on the numbers. We were pretty impressed by the new rotating cable columns coming to the HD-3000 functional trainer, which he recognized from the Mi6 and Mi7 functional trainers. Hoist also presented a prototype half rack and an accompanying power rack with a new counterbalance safety and liftoff design that made adjusting them effortless.

We also also got to try out the Hoist CL circuit, which utilizes a unique resistance method that allows all machines to have short weight stack heights without sacrificing range of motion. This was a significant discovery for the Bandit team, as they were looking for equipment that could fit in their clients' small home gyms.

Commercial PowerBlocks

Next, we got to meet our friends at the PowerBlock booth. It was very exciting to see the Pro Commercial PowerBlocks, which we had not had the chance to get in the store yet. The difference between the residential PowerBlocks and the Pro models is that the Pro models have a knurl that feels more like a barbell and is more accustomed to a regular dumbbell. 

TuffStuff Moving Back to the USA

We also caught up with their friends at TuffStuff, who had several exciting redesigns to showcase, taking advantage of their new manufacturing processes. TuffStuff's recent change in ownership has lead to the exciting product lineup being built back in the United States, including their Evolution line. There were several new products and color options to see which was very exciting. 

Torque X-Create

The Torque Fitness booth showcased the new configuration options for their X-CREATE system, a hyper-customizable functional training rig system that is perfect for group fitness studios. We also got to test out the new models of the tank, including the new wheelbarrow mode, which Jake thoroughly enjoyed flexing with.

Abs Company, Batca, BodyKore Booths

At the Abs Company booth, we checked out several new products like their Sled Mill and glute trainers. They then made their way over to the Batca booth to learn more about their axis training system, which we think will be outstanding for multi family housing installations as well as personal training studios. 

Over at BodyKore, we got to try several new products including their new app-controlled Smart Sled Pro, which has a multi-planar movement that makes it challenging to keep a straight line. The resistance is entirely motorized, providing an innovative workout experience.

Overall, we had a fantastic experience at the IHRSA Fitness Expo. The event provided them with the opportunity to see the latest equipment prototypes and innovative designs from companies worldwide. We also got to try out some of the equipment, giving them firsthand experience to provide our clients with recommendations on the best fitness equipment for their needs. 

Train Hard.

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