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VIDEO: Deep Dive into the Bodycraft RFT!

VIDEO: Deep Dive into the Bodycraft RFT!

Check out our new video up now on our YouTube channel all about the Bodycraft RFT, one of our most popular gym systems, as we dive deep into some of its most interesting functions. 

Join Jake from Bandit Fitness Equipment as he dives deep into the groundbreaking Bodycraft RFT – a powerful blend of a power rack and a functional trainer. With a growing demand for versatile equipment, the RFT offers the best of both worlds. In the video we'll highlight its safety-focused power rack, complete with six J-cups and it's easy height adjustment. The upgraded pull-up bar design and aesthetic enhancements catch the eye. And of course, the RFT boasts a functional trainer with dual 150-pound stacks, accommodating balanced resistance. The Bodycraft RFT delivers an all-in-one fitness solution for those seeking a complete workout experience.

Make sure to plan for a trip to our Showroom in Clearwater, Florida to try out the RFT for yourself;!

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