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Bandit Fitness NASM Academy Launch!

Bandit Fitness NASM Academy Launch!

The Bandit Fitness Academy is a new NASM Certification school right here at Bandit Fitness. Sign up for in-person hybrid classes to give you an edge when getting NASM certified to become a Certified Personal Trainer!

NASM Certified Trainers are more sought by gyms and clients and earn more on average than trainers with other certifications. 

Our classes are offered on a range of schedules, and as a NASM Partner School, we teach the same scientific curriculum but with all the added benefit of hands-on learning that you miss with online courses.  

Bandit Fitness Academy also offers a number of additional benefits for graduates, including free access to the Prison Yard Training Compound and referrals through our retail store for new clients. 

Learn more about the Bandit Fitness Academy at!

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