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Synonymous with gym, workout, and a whole lot of other fitness-related words, the Treadmill is still king. Finding one that fits your goals and budget, though, can be a little challenging. There's a number of things to consider, from the specifications alone to the way in which the treadmill helps train you, which can help push your workouts from good to great. Investing in a treadmill is an important decision that can last you a long time.


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Buying Advice: Treadmills

Treadmills are a simple and effective way to burn fat and improve your cardiovascular system. They provide a "user defined" type of exercise, meaning that you move in a way that is comfortable for you. The machine is not defining how you move, as in a cycle or elliptical. There are several considerations when choosing a treadmill; the base and the control panel. First, lets look at the base.  It needs to be long enough and wide enough to accommodate your stride and walking or running style.  Also, it needs to be able to handle your body weight.  Keep in mind that when you run, you impact at 3 times body weight and when you walk it is still 1.5 times body weight.  

Next, there is the control panel.  Most manufacturers will offer several different models of treadmill that offer more control panel features as the price increases.  One manufacturer, Landice, offers 2 different size bases and 4 different control panels so you can custom make your treadmill.  Consider your needs in regards to; speed, elevation, programs and heart rate.  If you choose the right combination you will be more likely to look forward to your workout.