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Exercise bikes are an excellent way to improve stamina and burn calories, and there’s a reason they’re so popular. We have a range of bikes available to try in our showroom, so we always encourage you to come in and give everything a try (and that means bringing good workout shoes!)


Buying Advice: Indoor Bikes

When considering a purchase, you need to recognize that exercise bikes, or cycles, are a machine defined exercise. That means that the cycle is dictating how you move.  Yes, you will have some adjustments, like; seat height and distance from the handlebars, but for the most part, this is what is going to happen: The pedal will move your foot, your foot will move your ankle, your ankle will move your knee and your knee will move your hip. That is what is called a kinetic chain of movement.  There is no impact, but there is torque on the joints.  This is why it is so important to be fitted properly for the right cycle. This is true whether you are considering an upright or a recumbent cycle.  One is not necessarily better than the other, but one might be better for you, than the other. You should also consider the features on the control panel: number of programs, heart rate monitor and number of resistance levels.

Spin bikes are also a lower cost option.  These are friction based resistance cycles that have no programs. Before you buy one I would recommend that you take a few indoor cycling classes to see if it is right for you. Remember, the fewer excuses that are built into the exercise equipment, the more you will look forward to using it and the more successful you will be in attaining your workout goals.