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One of our leading brands, Spirit Fitness is a terrific deal in almost every cardio category

With residential, commercial, and even medical grade equipment, Spirit has a ton of experience building reliable, dependable equipment that keeps workouts simple and effective.  


Consistently Rated
a “Best Buy”


Outstanding Treadmills

With 3 treadmills winning “Best Buy” awards from FitProf this year, Spirit’s outstanding treadmills are among our most popular products.

There’s a great treadmill for every placement, be it your home or your facility.

The XT series offers entry level units with basic features for those interested in walking/hiking or models that are more appealing to current or future hopeful runners that offer advanced programs and components.

Models We Carry: XT185, XT285, XT385, XT485, XT685


Best-in-class Warranty



Elliptical Trainers are can all feel very different, because the machine defines so much of your exercise. But Spirit does an excellent job engineering ellipticals that feel great and have a range of cascading features so you can find something comfortable for your family that everyone will love to use.

The XE series ranges from a basic unit with limited programming to units with sophisticated programming, adjustability, and incline features. It’s important to try each one and tinker with adjustability in our showroom to make sure the machine’s movement matches yours.

Models we carry: XE195, XE295, XE395, XE795 (Commercial)


Beautifully Simple Bikes

Their line of fitness bikes offers incredible range for everyone, while still maintaining Spirit’s excellent quality and best-buy ratings. There’s models for everyone, including the easy and relaxing recumbent bikes, aggressive spin-style bikes, and intermediate upright-style bikes.

With Bikes, there’s a blend between comfort and aggressive workouts that can accomplish different goals. So it’s important to give each a shot and make some decisions about what kind of bike workout you’re going to use.

Models We Carry: Recumbent: XBR25, XBR55, XBR95 | Upright: XBU55 | Spin-style: XIC600

Spirit XRW600 Rower

Spirit XRW600 Rower

Spirit Rowers

Spirit only has one entry in its rower lineup, but it’s a great one. It’s an air and magnetic resistance rower that is, just like everything else Spirit makes, a fantastic bang-for-the-buck. It’s got solid construction, looks great, and folds, so it’s easy to store away when you’re not using it.

For people who are new to Rowers as a concept for their cardio days, this is a terrific place to start. Rowers offer incredible whole-body workouts and can really get your heart pumping.

Spirit XE895 HIITT Trainer

Spirit XE895 HIITT Trainer


Spirit HIIT Trainer

The new stepper/elliptical hybrid machine from Spirit is one final big hit that deserves its own category. The HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) Trainer is designed for an intense full-body workout in the line of stepper machines, while still avoiding impact on joints that can be problematic for some people by incorporating an elliptical movement. It’s perfect for people looking for an aggressive machine for their home who really want to push their workouts.


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