The Last Three Reps

If you only had to get one piece of equipment for a home gym, you wouldn’t be wrong to go with a Smith Machine. The tried and true mechanics of a barbell exercise can tire every muscle in your body if you know how it use it. There’s a reason Muscle and Fitness calls the Smith Machine the best option for “max muscle”.

This is where the Last Three Reps come into play. The Last Three Reps are what make you stronger. When your muscle fibers are almost tired out is when you need to keep going and not quit. With a Smith Machine its much safer to go for the last 3 reps, especially for those who train alone. And that’s one of the best things about a Smith machine. Get stronger, safer.

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The other half of our showroom area

Buy Smith Machines Locally in Largo, FL

We showcase several hand-picked models of Smith machine in our showroom and warehouse, ready for you to give a full test-drive. If you’re new to training on a Smith, wheel up a bench and try out a few exercises. We carry reputable brands of Smith Machines and all of their accessories from brands like Body-Solid, BodyCraft, Tuff Stuff, and more. We also regularly have used items from popular brands like Life Fitness, Matrix, Paramount, Rogue, and more.  Whether you’re shopping for only home use or full-commercial use, we have lots of options for you.

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Who Smith Machines Are For, and Who They Aren’t

If safety is a big concern for your conditions, then a Smith machine is a great choice. By that, we mean they’re great for a single person who wants to work out and not risk injury because they don’t have a spotter, or for a commercial facility in which clients might be working out unsupervised or alone.

However, if you have a strong need to focus on balance training, as is important for a lot of people as they age and still maintain an active lifestyle, then another option from a Smith machine might be better. It all depends on what your goals are. Some people are better served by just simple free weight exercises that engage the proprioceptor muscles and don’t provide so much assistance. However if you’re interested in explosive strength moves or safety features when training alone, Smiths are perfect.

Understanding Differences in Quality

Smith machines, like most exercise equipment, can vary wildly in quality. In this industry, a good rule of thumb is simply “you get what you pay for”… and all that implies. Some big-box retail chains sell very cheap smith machines that can be great, depending on what your goals are and how much weight you’re moving around. Other brands are more trustworthy and constructed with higher quality materials, much like when shopping for a car or truck.