Keep your gym or wellness facility running smoothly

Call our office to ask about having our service technicians come to your facility on a regular basis to clean and maintain your fitness equipment and prolong the life of your fitness facility.

Frequency options include:

  • Monthly (recommended for high-use facilities)

  • Bi-Monthly

  • Quarterly

  • Semi-annually (only recommended for light-use facilities)

Each visit we clean, vacuum, and lubricate cardio equipment and clean and test strength equipment, helping to prevent downtime of high-use machines in your facility. We may also provide advice of how to maximize your equipment’s life span if we notice issues.

All we need to get started is a quick free visit to provide you with an estimate and recommended frequency of visits. Call today to schedule!

We regularly maintain facilities for multi-family housing complex gyms, business fitness centers, private training studios, and full-size commercial gyms.