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A few rowers in our showroom (we have several)

A few rowers in our showroom (we have several)

Rowing is a tremendous whole-body cardio workout that still helps you build functional strength. Kind of a mouthful, but basically, it’s one of the most effective exercises you can do. Burn lots of calories, build your strength, and do it all without eating up an entire room in your house or apartment.

Whole-body means that the muscles in your arms, legs, core, and back are all engaged while still causing your heart rate to go up. It’s easy to row at your own pace and stay within your target heart rate, and get all of the cardiovascular benefits you might find on a treadmill or elliptical. It’s also a fantastic low-impact exercise for people who struggle with joint pain.

A few of our rowers in our showroom (we have several)

A few of our rowers in our showroom (we have several)

Our Rower Selection

In our showroom, we have several models of rowing machines available for our customers to try out and get a workout on.

  • Residential and Commercial rowers of varying types

  • New models available from top brands like BodyCraft, Spirit, First Degree, and Body-Solid, with models starting at $899

  • Pre-Owned Rowers occasionally available from top brands like Concept2 and BodyCraft

  • Folding Rowers that enable incredible space-efficiency for cardio equipment

  • Fluid Water Rowers from First Degree provide an excellent simulation of water rowing

  • Air-Magnetic Resistance Rowers in various shapes and sizes

  • Heavy-Duty Commercial Rowers for fitness facilities in corporate gyms and mutli-family housing environments that are excellent selling points.

The Body-Solid R300 in a class setting

The Body-Solid R300 in a class setting

Why Shop with Bandit Fitness

If you’re shopping for a rower, start by discussing your options with the experts.

  • Massive Selection of rowers in the Tampa Bay Area of many different types

  • Try Out Everything in our store and get a workout to make sure the piece you select is really the right thing for you

  • Knowledgeable Staff here to help you make decisions and guide you through the process of selecting the most effective and fun form of cardio for you

  • Interest-Free Financing options ranging as high as 12 months for rowers

  • Price-Matching policy allows you to get the best deal while still leveraging all of our knowledge, support, and service

  • In-House Repairs and maintenance, giving you peace of mind with local support