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Hampton Eclipse Pro-Style Dumbbells

Special Order Unit

Products that are Special Order require a dedicated quote. Ususally that's because they require more in-depth installations, are only designed for commercial use, or have geographic restrictions applied by the manufacturer.

Either call (727) 573-5500 or hit the button above and we'll get you all the info you need as quickly as we can!

Product Info

Hampton Fitness is proud to welcome back the Eclipse® line of Pro Style Dumbbells. The Eclipse combines form and function and takes it to a whole new level. Starting with the highest quality raw iron, we then chrome the plates that make the Eclipse. Replaceable rubber rings are then applied for not only protection, but aesthetic feel as well. We also added our most advanced handle, the Urethane Snug Grip. Not only is it comfortable, but practical given that we extended the shoulders to 50mm which centers the grip in your hand. The center of the grip measures 32mm and is contoured to the arch of the hand, allowing you to not have to grip the weight so tightly and focus on the lifting. Using Urethane instead of rubber has a host of benefits. First is durability, second are the anti microbial properties of our non-porous urethane. Easier to disinfect than rubber, easier to clean marks off than steel. These are a statement piece in any commercial or home gym, and they’ve been featured in movies, such as Dodgeball and a few others. If you want the highest quality, best looking, practical dumbbells, these are for you.