Peloton Alternatives

The Peloton Indoor Cycle is all the rage right now, but to be frank, it’s a pretty expensive residential-grade bike on its own. Regardless, the digital classes available through Peloton Digital are very engaging and fun, but you can save yourself a boatload of money with a few simple alternatives to the Peloton.


First-year cost of a Peloton Bike is $2,838, plus taxes!

Thanks to the launch of Peloton Digital, it’s easy to still participate in the Peloton classes without the need for the bike itself. Let’s look at ways you can accomplish the same effect of a Peloton and save a ton of money.

Indoor spin-style cycles are all very similar in features because, let’s face it, there aren’t many. But if you’re an experienced cycler, you may still have specific features you’re looking for that work well for you, like interchangeable pedals or a comfortable arm handle position. You don’t need to limit yourself to just the Peloton’s lack of options here.


Mount an Ipad

There’s an abundance of iPad-compatible tablet brackets that work with a variety of alternative spin-style indoor bikes. Find one that works for you (and fits your iPad!) and sits at a comfortable viewing angle.


Use a Television

Using a small adapter, you can broadcast a Peloton class from an iPad to an HDTV with an HDMI cable easily and enjoy an even better riding experience in your bedroom without needing the additional cost of a new screen.


Buy Appropriate Quality

If you’re shopping for a Peloton for your home, you can buy a spin bike that fits you well within the range of $500 to $,1000. For commercial applications, you can get a substantial increase in quality over the Peloton for less money as well.


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