Maintenance Plans

Sign up your fitness facility for Bandit Ultra to get regular maintenance visits, membership discounts, and more to make your gym a cut above the rest.

Regular Maintenance Visits

Keep your gym running smoothly with visits every month or quarter

Sales Discounts

Save more on equipment parts, new gym pieces, and get extra trade credit

Free User Training

Let our staff come out to do a hands-on fitness and safety seminar

3D Gym Layouts

Visualize your ultimate layout with a free consultation

Scheduled Maintenance Visits

Keep your gym facility up-and-running with Bandit expert technician visits. Decrease equipment downtime with Monthly, Quarterly, or Semi-Annual schedules — whatever fits your facility’s traffic patterns best.

Every Maintenance Visit Includes:

  • Ensure correct calibration of speed sensors and tensioners
  • Physically test operation of each machine
  • Visually inspect each machine for signs of early wear
  • Vacuum, clean, and test electronics
  • Clean all exposed surfaces
  • Clean and lubricate joints, bearings, and guide rods

10% Off Equipment Upgrades

Enjoy a substantial 10% discount on new equipment to expand your fitness room’s selection, or get double trade-in value for your existing equipment — either way, you reap the additional benefits of your membership.

Additional Benefits:

10% Off on Repair Parts

Ultra members get 10% automatic discounts applied to any parts required to repair your equipment should additional repairs be necessary beyond what is covered during maintenance visits.

10% Off on Accessories

Replace the small accessories in your gym that have a tendency to wander off. Cable accessories, bands, and more all qualify for a 10% discount in addition to any new larger equipment purchases.

10% Off on Equipment Rentals

If your facility will be hosting a larger-than-normal event, take advantage of short- and medium-term rental programs with the standard 10% Ultra discount.

Free Training Seminars

Included with an Ultra Service membership is a yearly free training seminar, where our fitness-minded staff can host an event on your property to teach your residents or users correct usage guidelines

Let's get started

We’ll get a technician out to your property to provide you with an accurate quote and a recommended schedule timetable, free of charge.