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Bandit Fitness Equipment is the Tampa Bay Area’s Premiere Source for unique Commercial Gym Equipment that is specially selected for each installation, with a layout that is tailored to match the conditions and strengths of every gym we partner with.

Gym Layout & Design

We work with on gym projects at every phase, from the initial contracted blueprints all the way through to finished and develop gyms that are in for a complete remodel or are just in need of some flow optimization. We work with architects and builders to arrange schedule and details from the start of a project and managers of established gyms alike.


Wide Range of Products

We offer a wide range of products for commercial gyms that can be tailored into packages unique to you and your members. We also offer a range of specialized and unique products you don’t find in big-name gyms that can help drive membership growth. Products such as the BootyBuilder, AbCoaster, and SportsArt Eco-Powr Line of energy-producing cardio help build a millennial demographic that’s always sought-after.  


Maintenance Plans

We service and maintain our installations with optional Maintenance Plans, providing you the peace of mind that comes along with reliability and uptime that your gym’s users will always expect. And if problems do arise, we’re always close by in Clearwater-Largo, and just a phone call away. Maintenance Plans come with all kinds of added perks and help ensure your clients, residents, or members never worry about things running smoothly (pun intended).


Trade-In and Upgrade

If you’re already an established gym and have some older equipment you’d like to upgrade, maximize your residual value with our Trade-In Program. Trade values on equipment help you keep your gym more fresh and rotate out machines more frequently.


Combine New & Used Equipment

Sometimes when working with a budget, our customers may choose to select a combination of both new and high quality pre-owned exercise equipment that we provide and endorse, saving customers literally thousands of dollars while still providing extremely unique experiences for clients.


30 Year Old Local Company

We’ve been doing this for a long time, for thousands of homes and facilities of all sizes and varieties around the Tampa Bay area for literally 30 years (since 1990). That number isn’t made up, and we’ve made it this long because we’ve built our reputation on being a trustworthy, family-owned business that other businesses love to deal with. It’s honestly a simple business model.


“Every Gym is Different”

...and has different users. So it’s important to consult with experts about your demographic, your space, your budget, and whatever other factors may play into your optimal gym. We custom-tailor every order to every customer because there is no one-size-fits-all gym solution, and equipment and layout that works for another gym may not work for yours, so we’re here if you need guidance.


Industry-Professional Consultation

Most of our customers build out a gym every 5 to 10 years, but our staff build out custom gyms literally every day. Our years of experience really come into play for every commercial installation we do, combining strengths to help build the best gyms for our customers to attract the members or tenants that they truly want. We take fitness rooms from liabilities to marketable assets every day, and it all starts with a totally free consultation visit.

Types of Gyms We Build Everyday

  • Spin Studios
  • Personal Training Studios
  • CrossFit Gyms
  • Apartment, Condominium, Multi-Family Housing Fitness Centers
  • Hotel Gyms
  • Bodybuilding Gyms
  • Powerlifting Gyms
  • 24-Hour Commercial Gyms
  • Specialty Gyms
  • Sports Training Facilities
  • Rehabilitation Gyms
  • HOA Gyms
  • Recreation Centers
  • Corporate Wellness Centers
  • Physical Therapy
  • Group Fitness Centers
  • Yoga Studios

Let's Get Started

Everybody needs a spotter sometimes. So let's talk about your options and how we can grow your facility into what you really want.