Stop Missing Your Workouts.

Let the experts at Bandit assemble a gym for your budget to really maximize whatever space you have. 


Any Budget

We have an incredibly broad selection of treadmills, ellipticals, free weights, and gym systems available in both new and preowned condition. Get the most bang-for-your-buck and don't skimp out on the quality. 

Any SPace

Whether your home gym needs to fit in the bottom of the closet, or you've got an entire spare bedroom to *ahem* spare, fill it with Powerblocks (adjustable dumbbells), selectorized home gyms, foldable rowing machines, and more. You'd be surprised what can happen with a small space. 

Any Starting point

You don't have to be an health and fitness expert to build a home gym. If you're not, let us help you build the right combination for your physiology. If you're already a fitness expert, come in and look around and build your own. We can have a good conversation. 


3D Professional Layouts

Treat your fitness room like you would any other professional remodel, and get a free room design and layout consultation. Figure out exactly what fits, what doesn't, and make it mesh with your goals. 

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Garage Gym layouts


garage gym package draft 1.1.jpg

Spare bedroom Gym layouts


Gyms for Your Home, 
Not Someone Else's. 

To begin our process, we're going to ask you some questions about what you're trying to accomplish, and what limitations we're working around. From there, we'll assemble a gym for your budget to really maximize whatever space you have. 

A combination of strength equipment, like freeweights or a gym system can really compliment a treadmill or rower to get you a whole-body (and safe!) workout in a small space. But if you're looking for more than that, maybe you want a full rack of dumbbells and some rubber flooring to match, we'll handle that too. 


Brands You Can Trust


Need Ideas? Start Here


The BodyCraft VR400 makes a great starting point for a home gym. It's an excellent rower that's built to last. 

Rowing makes for an excellent cardio exercise that incorporates the entire body, not just the legs and lower torso like many other cardio methods do. 

Learn more about Rowers


If you're looking to tackle strength training in a very small footprint, PowerBlocks are perfect. They are adjustable dumbbells that are comfortable to hold and can be configured to go all the way up to 125lbs per hand!

Learn more about PowerBlocks


Six-Pak Trainer

The Tuff Stuff Six Pak Trainer is one of our favorites. It's incredibly compact, with a footprint taking less than 3 feet square, but makes no sacrifices on functionality. One of our top products!

Learn more about Functional Trainers


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