Create an absolutely fantastic workout room, and accomplish a ton in a small footprint with a multi-function Gym System or Functional Trainer.

Set up your ultimate personal gym and get a stellar workout whenever you want. Or if you’ve got a facility, let’s find a gym system that will fit the needs of your users in the space you have!

Home Gym Systems

We offer a sizable number of home gyms in our showroom for you to try. Home Gyms or Functional Trainers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, especially these days, and have a range of functionality. Each one has its strengths and exercises that it really excels at, so it’s important to really develop an understanding of what you’re looking to accomplish.

Functional Trainers

We have small, compact functional trainers like the Tuff Stuff Six Pack, which packs a huge amount of cable-based exercise into a very small footprint. We also have larger units designed to fit in corners, such as the Vectra On-Line 1450 and the Body-Solid G5S, both of which you can try in our showroom and see how they feel. 


A Few example Gym systems and functional trainers:

We’re happy to help you make your decision as to what works for you given how much space you have. We have recommendations for room layouts as well, and if you bring in measurements, we’re happy to help draw you a floor plan for either your home or office. 


Brands of Home Gyms and Functional Trainers We Carry New & Preowned: