Is your Fitness Room an Asset, or a Liability?


If you’re shopping for any kind of commercial gym equipment to put in a facility, start with the experts at Bandit. Our experienced staff can help with equipment selection, room planning, flooring, and even provide seminars for your employees or residents to learn how to train properly with your facility. Make your fitness room an asset to your company, not a liability.

When you do business with Bandit, you’ll get these benefits:

  • Massive Selection of new and pre-owned equipment

  • Maintenance Plans for facilities to help reduce downtime with additional benefits

  • Training Seminars for your residents and employees

  • Gym Flooring in all kinds of styles and custom colors

  • Free Gym Layout and Design to help ensure a smooth transition into a new room

  • Equipment Relocation for whenever you need to move

  • Dedicated Repairs Team to handle all of our customer’s service requests

  • Price-Matching Policy to help your budget go farther

Commercial Installations:

  • Personal Training Studios

  • Corporate Fitness Centers

  • Multi-Family Housing Gyms

  • Recreation Center Fitness Rooms

  • Commercial Gym Facilities

  • School / University Gyms