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See some of the different styles and features of running, walking, or rehabilitation treadmills below, then when you're ready, come visit our showroom in Largo, FL to try them out!

  • SportsArt T615M Medical Treadmill

    SportsArt rehabilitation treadmills are designed specifically for cardiac and physical therapy markets and come loaded with unique features, programs, and user amenities to help treat more patients, effectively. The T615M is thoughtfully designe...

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Shop Durable Treadmills in Tampa Bay

When shopping for a treadmill, it’s important to consider your personal goals, as well as those of any other people in your home or facility that might be using it. Some people are avid runners, and want sprinter-centric features on the treadmill they use at home, like a motorless Cascade UltraRunner. Some people only need a walking treadmill to stay active and keep up with the grandkids, like the Spirit XT185 or XT285, which also conveniently fold up to save space. Some people need a high weight capacity. Some need a long deck for a long stride. Some people waddle when they walk and need a wide belt-- you get the idea. There are treadmill options out there for everybody. So, when shopping for a treadmill (especially online!) try to speak with a physiology expert. Who knows, a treadmill might not even be the best form of cardio for you — you might be better off with an Elliptical or a Rower — but all it takes is a discussion to make sure. Dependability is also a big factor when choosing a treadmill, so finding a manufacturer that stands behind their products, as well as easy access to repairs and maintenance should you need it, is critical. Brands like Landice have a Limited Lifetime Warranty that is incredibly reassuring. Check out some of our top treadmills on the page above, and make sure to click on each one for more complete information. Then when you’re ready, visit our showroom in Clearwater FL to test out your favorites!