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Power / Squat Racks

Find extremely high-quality power racks and rig systems for your home gym or fitness facility at our Showroom in St. Petersburg / Tampa.

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Shop High-Quality Power Racks & Rigs in Tampa Bay

There’s a ton of options when it comes to a power rack, which may surprise some people. We’ve come a long way from a simple four uprights and a safeties, replaced now with very modular systems like the Body-Solid SPR Rack system, with tons of attachments and configuration options that make it perfect for many home or garage gyms, as well as many facility gyms that need a rig for group training. There are also a ton of options for functional trainer configurations, like the Bodycraft RFT or the Hoist Mi7 Smith, both of which have fully-featured functional trainers built-in. Check out the options above, and then come visit our showroom in Clearwater, Florida to put your hands on each one and feel the difference that commercial-grade manufacturing makes.