Start with a multi-gym in your home or facility and see what's possible in a small footprint. Ideal for home gyms where space is extremely important or for facilities looking to create the most flexibility!

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Home Gym systems can be defined really as any compact multi-function machine that is designed to have a small footprint and fit well inside a home. Sometimes, a good quality multi-gym crosses over into being a light-commercial grade gym system. Whether going in your garage or inside a spare bedroom, home gym systems are critical for a whole body strength workout. Commercial-grade multi-gyms are excellent for apartment or condo complex gyms where more than one user may be in the gym at a time, but there isn't enough space for a full circuit of selector pieces. The TuffStuff Apollo gym system is one of our favorites for these circumstances. Many gym systems fit in very compact spaces, but some are especially designed to take up as little floor space as possible. Many functional trainers especially can fit in a very small space, like the TuffStuff Six-Pak Trainer, while not specifically fitting the mold of a gym system that looks more akin to the TuffStuff SXT-550. Shop our options and try things out for yourself when you visit our Clearwater Showroom.