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Cable Machines

Cable Machines

Functional Trainers and Cable Crossovers provide excellent proprioceptor engagement while still providing maximum safety. See some of our options below.

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Adjustable pulleys, or often also called cable-crossover machines, enable you to do a wide variety of workout movements with one simple adjustment, making them incredibly easy to learn if you're familiar with proper form and correct physiology. However, beginners may have a bit more of a learning curve. Many functional trainers like the Bodycraft HFT-Pro fit into a very small footprint without needing to dominate a room or part of the garage gym. While others like the TuffStuff CXT-200, CXT-225, or CDP-300 fit into a perfect 90 degree corner to give you the most functional floor space possible. See the full catalog here and test-drive many models in our Clearwater Showroom!