Since the first elliptical trainer came to market in the mid 1990s it’s been a big hit, mainly because it doesn’t hit your joints. But every elliptical trainer is designed differently, so we always recommend taking them for a test drive at our Showroom in Clearwater, FL

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The physiology of an elliptical trainer can really change from model to model, so it’s hard to declare any elliptical trainer the “best” for you. However, that’s why we’re here – we encourage everyone to make sure they try out their options for an elliptical or cross-trainer before they ever get it home. It’s critical to make sure it fits you. To learn about the different types of elliptical trainers, check out this blog post and video explaining some of the differences. Many people choose an elliptical to avoid impact to the lower body joints, which can be a great decision. However, depending on what injury is of concern, one elliptical may irritate it while another does not. For families looking for an elliptical, this is even more important. We’ll always encourage our customers to visit our store and bring anyone in the family who may be a primary user of the machine. If there’s a big height difference among family members, for example, an adjustable-stride may be an important feature. Check out the options on the page above and click on any to learn more, and then visit our showroom to test-drive your favorite models!