Stationary Bikes come in several different styles; there’s Recumbent, Upright, Spin, and Fan. Each one offers a different workout style, so it’s important to try them out to see what’s right for you. 

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Exercise bikes fuel excellent cardio workouts for a lot of people. They’re easy on the joints, and depending on the style of bike, people often find them to be a relaxing way to get their cardio. Riding an exercise bike is easy, and very efficient. It engages your entire lower body, and helps to build muscle strength in addition to the obvious cardiovascular benefits. Spin bikes like the XIC600 or SPX-Mag, are the most intense form of exercise bikes, and the most similar to road biking. The most relaxing and easiest is a recumbent bike, like the Spirit XBR55 or Landice R7, where you sit in a seat that is more like a chair and the pedals are out in front of you. And in the middle is the upright bike, like the Spirit XBU55, which can be strenuous like a spin bike, but is often much more comfortable, like a recumbent bike. So it’s important to try them all out and discuss what feels the best to you. Choose any of the options above to learn more about it, with full specs on the page for each model, and then when you’re ready, we always recommend coming to our Showroom in Clearwater FL to test-drive any model you’re interested in to make sure it fits you.