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Showroom is OPEN normal hours – Demo everything in-store!
Showroom is OPEN! Demo everything in-store!
COVID-19 / Coronavirus Update

COVID-19 / Coronavirus Update

We’re very aware of the growing “pandemic” (a loaded term, but a scientific one!) of the novel coronavirus. We want to assure our customers of what we’re doing to help, as well as some tips on what you can do, to still get your workouts in, whether you’re quarantined, working from home, don’t want to risk the gym, or want to still be safe at the gym.

Store Sanitization, Home Deliveries, and Inventory

We’re seeing an increase in the number of people who want to train at home – and that’s very understandable. For our new customers ordering equipment, we’re doing things a little bit differently. 

  • Equipment ordered for Delivery & Installation is treated with care. Our delivery staff is using sanitary gloves and taking extra precautions when entering customers homes for extra safety
  • For customers who don’t want installers in their home, we also offer boxed drop-off for very low rates to your driveway; many customers are choosing to assemble equipment themselves, in light of recent news. We can provide phone or FaceTime assistance with assembly should you need it. Plus, assembling equipment is a fun way to kill a few hours, in our opinion. 
  • We’re working to keep more inventory on hand of common home gym items that can be used without taking up a lot of space. We can arrange drive-by pickups of equipment we have on hand, or direct to your door shipping for others. 
  • Our store is taking  extra efforts to sanitize and keep clean for the people who are visiting. We’re wiping down and sanitizing floor models and common surfaces much more frequently, and our staff now uses the “elbow bump” instead of a traditional handshake. It’s not as dorky as it sounds. 

Advice for Gym Owners

Early on in the first days of the coronavirus, IHRSA put together this page of relevant information for keeping your health club up and running in a time of virtually guaranteed disruption. In addition to their steps on sanitization, we have some extra advice: 

  • Keep your members informed of what your policies are for keeping equipment and facilities sanitary. 
  • Ensure there’s a safe number of sanitary supplies on hand at any time.
  • Consider restricting operating hours for more thorough cleaning schedules. Publix is already doing this. Your members will still come if they can during your condensed hours, but you and your staff will have more time to keep things sanitary. 
  • Consider restricting staff on hand. One of our favorite techniques is to split staff 50/50 on and off, with set schedules. 
  • Encourage virtual training over FaceTime or Skype for clients in your gym to be able to communicate with their trainers, helping to alleviate lost revenue from cancelled sessions. 

Bandit Fitness Academy

  • Our Academy classes for March are still underway, and we have no plans at this time to cancel classes. Our class sizes are already capped to 6, and desks are spread out very well in a large classroom to create more social distancing. 
The next session is scheduled for the beginning of April, 2020. At this time we are not cancelling or rescheduling classes. We’ll reach out to registered students if this changes, and update the Academy website with more information:
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