About Bandit Fitness

ESTABLISHED IN 1990, Bandit Fitness Equipment has long been the go-to location for your exercise equipment needs. Our showroom and warehouse is over 23,000 square feet and stuffed full of new and preowned equipment for a wide range of applications. Treadmills, elliptical trainers, rowing machines, universal home gyms, functional trainers, and more jam our warehouse and make for a great place to test out fitness equipment before you buy it (something to consider in the age of Amazon). We also take trade-ins to help you upgrade.

But what really makes Bandit stand out is our personal service. Many members of our staff are personal trainers, and we’re happy to talk to you about your physiological needs and best practices to help you achieve your goals. The fitness industry is all about results, and it’s important that when you make a commitment (either to a gym, personal trainer, or to buy equipment for your home) that you do everything you can to sustain it. So we spend a lot of our day not just talking about exercise equipment and physiology, but also things like holistic therapy, dieting, and overcoming hurdles that can stagnate a fitness journey.

When we moved to our current location on Belcher Road, we also opened up the Prison Yard, a private gym in the back of our building. It’s perfect for personal trainers looking for a small environment to train their clients. As the name implies, it’s a meathead’s gym.